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Why PONi?

I wanted to create a makeup line that women of any skill level could pick up and use. Each product needed to be, first of all, easy to use, flattering and had to perform in the way it was intended. When creating these products I had a few people in mind that I wanted to create for: My mum and my sisters. Each of their skill levels varied but they still liked to look nice none-the-less. They all have kids so the products needed to give good results but also, do it quickly! Questions I ask myself when I start designing a new product are:

 • Is it easy to use? • 
 • Does it feel good on? • 
 • Is it quick to apply? • 
 • Would the woman who isn’t a professional makeup artist be able to use it? • 
 • Is it unique? • 

There have been many times where an idea has been scrapped because it didn’t fit into the above guidelines.

I wanted to create products that are unique and I wanted them to be unlike anything our woman already owns. More often than not a multi-purpose item or a 'one for all' shade! So much care and work go into each and every product we launch to ensure all of the above is true.

PONi is created to light the confidence fire inside every woman when she applies our makeup because she looks good, she feels amazing and she feels powerful.

You can rest assured that when you own a PONi item you own a piece of my heart and soul and I am so pleased to give it to you!

From one powerful woman to another.



PONI COSMETICS Pty Ltd acknowledges the importance of protecting the privacy of our customers and other third parties who provide their personal information to us. We may update our privacy policy from time to time.  Amendments will be published on our web site.

Business Name: PONI Cosmetics

ABN:48 165 704 932