So what makes The White Knight so special the likes of Zoe Foster Blake and others swear by it? Well there’s a list as long as your arm!

Well firstly it’s a tubular mascara which means it’s water resistant, doesn’t smudge, run or transfer, yet it easily washes off with just warm water! Also known as tubing mascara, it contains a polymer formula that completely wraps around each eyelash as it dries, creating the namesake “tube”. The effect can be built up by applying additional layers. Many tubular converts rave about the formula’s lengthening powers, along with its staying power — no smudging or flaking to be seen here.

It also contains growth ingredients to help enhance your own natural lashes with every application. Who doesn’t want beautiful long lashes. There is also a unique two in one brush, with literally two brushes, a smaller one for creating length, and a larger one for creating volume. And it really does provide both, giving lashes both considerable length and volume, which can also easily be built up by adding a few coats, yet still nicely separating the lashes.

Lastly it is also very gentle on the eyes, so doesn’t irritate over sensitive eyes.

Sources MamaMia 

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