Australia’s fave mascara I hear you say?

You may think that we are just being bias BUT you don’t need to look far to find White Knight lovers by the multitude loving and recommending the PONi Cosmetics mascara. In more recent times, the ultimate beauty guru—Zoe Foster Blake—gave The White Knight™ mascara the big thumbs up.

Whenever I try any mascara that isn’t tubular, i get smudging. Every. Single. Friggen. Time. No more! I shall never stray from my non-smudgey, heat/sweat/tear resistant tubulars again.


Fun fact.

It took over 16 months to formulate the The White Knight™ mascara before it’s tube-y, volume-y goodness was perfected. So it’s no surprise that women all over Australia are finding their holy grail of mascara when they try The White Knight™ for the first time. (This could just be your last, first kiss, mascara.)

This world’s best mascara is also water resistant. Different to water proof in the sense that it won’t ever (ever, ever) run. Even if you take a dip in the pool or watch an emotional movie (hello, The Notebook) you can rest assured that those pandas won’t be anywhere to be seen.

The White Knight™ features.

• Water resistant
• Super black pigment
• Clever packaging with both a brush for volume and a brush for length (but only 1 brush)
• Growth ingredients including Biotin
• 15g of product (double of the usual non-poni, non-tubular, panda enticing mascara)

How do you remove it then you ask?

Once the White Knight™ mascara is introduced to warm water you can simply slide it off with your fingers and bask in the little black tubes that won’t stain your towels or run into your eyes. Also no frightful sights when you hop out of your warm shower to be greeted by a smoky eye gone wrong …

If you haven’t tried The White Knight™ mascara by PONi Cosmetics then we dare you to! We know us ladies are always on the hunt for the perfect mascara, but it’s safe to say that once you go White Knight you can never go back … !

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