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Makeup Gift Ideas For 2020

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Makeup Gift Ideas For 2020


Makeup Gift Ideas 2020

PONi makeup gift ideas from Secret Santa treats to full beauty bundles will be a big hit for the makeup lover in your life. Take your pick of gifts they’ll adore including products in universally flattering shades and multi-use gifts. 



5 makeup presents your beauty-obsessed friend will love finding under the tree or in a stocking.




Lip Magic Balm

A magical little gift for lips, Lip Magic is a super nourishing lip balm that adjusts to the perfect shade of pink depending on your skin’s own pH levels. This means it suits everyone! Oh, and she’ll love the gorgeous strawberry scent. 

Lip Magic is also cruelty-free and paraben-free.

The White Knight Mascara

What beauty-lover doesn’t want long, voluminous lashes? 

The White Knight is our best selling mascara and a secret Santa pressie she won’t re-gift! 

This tubular mascara delivers epic length and volume thanks to the ‘tubes’ that encircle each lash to lengthen, lift, and volumise. White Knight is perfect all ages and lash lengths, even if she has sensitive eyes or lash extensions.

A mess-free removal, this popular mascara rinses off with just warm water and is long wearing and doesn’t smudge. It’s cruelty-free too - one of the best Christmas gifts for women who love ethical makeup.

Brow Magic

Brown Magic is one of the makeup gift ideas she’ll love and use no matter her brow colour.

With a ‘magic’ taupe undertone, this universal brow pencil adapts to suit blonde, brunette, auburn, strawberry blonde, and darker-hair. A colour match for everyone.  

Easy to use, Brow Magic ideal for beginners or makeup professionals and contains vitamins to help promote the natural growth and hair condition.

If all she wants for Christmas is better brows, this little beauty is her wish come true. 

Want ideas for more Secret Santa makeup presents? Shop the full Stocking Fillers category.


Best Gift Ideas for Mum 


No matter your budget, spoil your mum with easy-to-use makeup that will have her looking fabulous.

The White Knight Mascara

It’s the makeup gift that even the most fuss-free Mum who rocks a natural look will love. 

Thanks to The White Knight tubular mascara easily adding volume and thickness, without any clumpiness or transference of the product to the skin. Fast to apply for those busy mornings. 

It’s great value too; White Knight comes in a 15ml tube! More product than most mascaras on the market. 

Make you Blush Bundle

Mum will get 3 of our favourite products for an easy-to-apply, natural look with this merry ‘lil bundle.

The Make you Blush Bundle contains:

The White Knight Mascara

Lip Magic Balm

Unicorn Candy Blush 

With a product for eyes, lips, and cheeks, she can create a subtle, pretty look in minutes. A fast, gorgeous makeup routine is definitely one of the best gifts for women short on time!

Unicorn Candy Blush is a silky ombré blush with a sunset spectrum of pink hues from soft shimmery peach to bright matte pink. Its colour range is designed to suit all skin tones.

A creamy, strawberry-scented lip balm, Lip Magic will change colour to create the perfect shade of pink to suit her lips. That’s what’s ‘magic’ about this nourishing balm!

Beauty Essentials Bundle

Be the best Secret Santa ever and spoil Mum with the ultimate beauty bundle!

The Beauty Essentials Bundle has all her makeup needs covered:

The White Knight Mascara

Unicorn Candy Blush 

Brow Magic

Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer  

Unicorn Champagne Highlighter  

Pegasus Liquid Eye Liner  

Zebra Clear Brow Gel

Brow Pop!  

Lip Magic Balm 

All these products work beautifully together to create every look from subtle and natural to bold and glamorous. 

Shop our full Gifts for Mum category for more ideas. 




Our top pick of beauty bundles for the makeup lover in your life.


Perfect and Popular

She’ll unwrap our most popular products for perfect brows and eyes with this gift set. 

Perfect and Popular Bundle includes:

The White Knight Mascara

Brow Magic

Brow Pop!  

Achieve long, lushes with The White Knight and shapely defined arches with Brow Magic and Brow Pop! 

Brow Pop! is a multi-purpose creamy brow highlighter. The soft peachy hue is ideal for all skin types to use on the brow bone, as an eyeshadow base or concealer. 

Beauty Essentials Bundle

We suggested it for your Mum, and Beauty Essentials Bundle makes a brilliant gift for your makeup loving bestie too!

Makeup Sorted Bundle 

She’ll think all her Christmases have come at once with this limited edition gift set. 

And they have!

Check out what’s included in the Makeup Sorted Bundle:

The White Knight Mascara 

Brow Magic 

Brow Duo Powder

Mane Stain Brow Creme

Brow Love Soft Brow Pencil

Unicorn Candy Blush 

Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer  

Unicorn Champagne Highlighter 

Pegasus Liquid Eye Liner 

Zebra Clear Brow Gel  

Lash and Brow Growth Serum  

Brow Pop! 

Lip Magic Balm  

Pro Brow Brush  

With this bundle, she'll be set for a beautiful 2021 with a stunning new makeup kit. Every product is cruelty-free too. Perfect for a friend who cares about the ethical side of how her makeup products are made. 

Shop the full Gifts for Her category for more ideas. 




We think Santa deserves to treat herself too!

Keep yourself looking bronzed, blushing, and bright this festive season with Get the Glow Bundle.

Gift yourself perfect brows with the Perfect Shade Bundle including everything you need to achieve defined arches. 

The Lash Lovers Bundle has everything you need for luscious lashes, including a lash and brow serum to boost natural growth and the best selling White Knight Tubular Mascara. 


Not sure which is right? An e-gift card is the perfect gift for the woman who likes to choose her own!

Purchase a PONi e-gift card for the amount of $25, $50, or $100.


We’d say that’s Christmas shopping for your favourite makeup lovers sorted! You’re so welcome. 


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Favourite Vegan Eye Makeup Products

Header: favourite vegan eye makeup products

Favourite Vegan Eye Makeup Products


Our Favourite Vegan Eye Makeup Products

Say hello to our favourite cruelty free and vegan products. Our vegan eyeliner and brow gel plus cruelty-free staples no makeup kit should be without!

PONi’s entire range is cruelty-free and our vegan products are indicated by labels on each product page. Read on for our top picks.


Pegasus Vegan Liquid Eyeliner

Vegan and cruelty-free   

Thought liquid eyeliner was tricky to apply? You haven’t met Pegasus Vegan Liquid Eyeliner.

Easy to use, the quick-drying, smudge-proof formula glides on like a dream with a rich black intensity. Pegasus is the best vegan liquid eyeliner for an eye-opening dramatic wing or a subtle everyday flick. 

The clever soft but sharp felt tip means precise, no stress application of fine lines or thick flicks for beginners and experts. 


Why We Love It

Easy, pen-style application

Pegasus will turn pencil-only beauties into liquid fans. 

The easy to handle pen- style application delivers the intensity of a liquid with the control of a pencil. No mess, no wobbles. Just sharp lines and bold flicks with this vegan eyeliner. You’ll be rocking these 4 eyeliner looks we love in no time.

Long lasting, water resistant formula 

Sweat, oily eyelids, and humidity don’t stand a chance against this long lasting, smudge proof vegan liquid eyeliner. It’s water resistant but also washes off easily.


Brow Love Soft Brow Pencil

Vegan and Cruelty-free  

Brow Love Soft Brow Pencil is the ultimate long-lasting soft, pigmented brow pencil.

Delivering soft lines and a fluffy finish with ease, this soft retractable brow pencil gives brows colour, shape and volume oomph. Ideal for every day, natural looking brows or buildable for a bolder look. 


Why We Love It

5 shades to choose your perfect colour match 

Little Palomino: Light blondes

Palomino: Light brown and dark blonde

Chestnut: Brunettes and auburn hues

Thoroughbred: Dark brunettes

Black Beauty: A graphite colour for super dark-browed beauties

High pigment for bold and defined brows

This soft eyebrow pencil delivers the perfect amount of pigment for super defined brows but still works beautifully for subtle, more natural looking arches.

Soft formula 

No brittleness here. You’ll love how soft the formula feels to apply and have confidence knowing it’s rub-resistant.

Easy application 

With a retractable design, this eyebrow pencil is easy-as-pie to apply. It features a fine oval tip on one end and spoolie brush at the other, perfect for soft lines and a fluffy brow finish.

Long lasting formula

Once it’s on your brows, it’s staying there. A long wearing formula for long days and big nights!


Clear Vegan Eyebrow Gel

Vegan and cruelty-free  

Vegan eyebrow gel for a natural, strong hold doesn’t get better than our Zebra Clear Brow Gel.

It’s the secret to polished looking brows with or without makeup.

Without makeup: Helps tame and shape unruly hairs with a unique, ultra-precision spoolie. 

Apply the eyebrow gel following the direction of your eyebrow hairs.

With makeup: Set everything in place with a few strokes of Zebra Clear Brow Gel. Apply the eyebrow gel following the direction of eyebrow hairs over the top of your brow makeup. 

Water resistant and long wearing, with a soft looking hold and natural shine this perfect vegan eyebrow gel is ideal for all eyebrows, including tattooed brows. 


Why We Love It

Easy, precise application and a waterproof formula

Easy to apply with a unique ultra-precision spoolie, Zebra is transparent and water resistant for a strong but soft looking, long-lasting hold. 

Paraben free, safe formula 

Next level brows without the nasties, Zebra Clear Brow gel is a safe formulation free from parabens.


Brow Pop Vegan Brow Highlighter

Vegan and Cruelty-free  

Introducing Brow Pop. The only brow highlighter you’ll ever need. 

A multi-purpose creamy brow highlighter, concealer and eyeshadow base for a brighter, visibly lifted brow area.

The long-wearing brow highlighter glides on under arches to make your brows POP with a matte finish. The soft peachy hue is ideal for all skin types and the new, improved formulation is blendable.

Easy to use, Brow Pop now has a twist up and down feature, no sharpener required.


Why We Love It

Hides unwanted hairs

The universally flattering and concealing tone is ideal for hiding hairs. Ideal if you’re trying to grow out your eyebrows and plucking is a no-go.

Define your brows and open up your eyes

The main goal of highlighting the brow is to define your brow bone and eye area. This enhances your brow and makes your eyes look bigger. 

Multi-tasking magic

The soft peachy hue of Brow Pop doubles beautifully as an eyeshadow base too. Apply as you would a regular base across your lid and upwards then follow with darker contouring shades. 

Shop our full brows and eyes range to find more amazing vegan and cruelty free makeup products!

Infographic_Vegan eye makeup products

How To Use An Eyebrow Pencil


How To Use An Eyebrow Pencil


How to Use an Eyebrow Pencil

You asked for it and we’ve delivered! Our easy to follow guide on how to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows. 

It’s no secret. We love a great brow at PONi and have a range of products to help you achieve your dreamiest brows! Before we dive into how to use an eyebrow pencil, let’s take a look at the different options you have for filling your brows.

Brow Creme 

A pigment-rich option for eyebrow makeup, brow cremes offer a smooth, blendable application for fine hair strokes. They’re known for their smudge-proof staying power. 

Eyebrow powder

With eyebrow powder, you can achieve a soft, natural look - it’s a great choice for filling in sparse patches and boosting volume. 

You don’t get the precision of a pencil though, so the best brow looks using a powder are usually a combination of pencil and powder. 

Eyebrow pencil

A favourite for beginners or if you simply love an easy fuss-free routine, the precise tip makes the control of the pencil and application easier. The lightest flick of the pencil can create beautiful, natural arches. 

Tinted eyebrow gel

Tinted brow gels add pigment to your brows with natural looking hair-like strokes and help set them in place. 

Clear brow gels are also an option. While they don’t give a pigment payoff to ‘fill in’ brows, a clear brow gel is ideal to set your finished brow makeup in place. 

So, why choose an eyebrow pencil?

When it comes to control and speed, eyebrow pencil is a winner. 

Pencil lets you quickly fill in your brows with maximum control. Perfect for everyday wear and busy mornings when you should have been out the door…. like 20 minutes ago. 

Brow creams are great if you’re a little more experienced with eyebrow makeup or are looking to achieve a bolder, more Insta brow type of look. 

We love a brow gel if you already have naturally full brows or don’t need to fill in a lot of sparse patches. Eyebrow pencils are a better choice if you’re working with thin, straggly brows!


Step One: Map Out Your Brows 


Mapping your eyebrows will help you know where your brows should start, end, and arch. How to use an eyebrow pencil correctly begins with this super important step! 

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Where your brows should start

Grab a makeup brush and hold the brush at the angle from the corner of your nose, laying it in a vertical line to the inner corner of your eye. This marks the starting point for your brow.

Step 2: Where your arch should be

Lay the brush in a line from the corner of your nose to the centre of the eye. This is where your arch should be.

Step 3: Where your brows should end

Finally, hold the brush from the corner of your nose in a line to the outer corner of your eye. Here’s the spot your brows should end.

Use an eyebrow pencil to make a gentle mark at these points to guide you as you begin to fill in your brows.


Step Two: Brush Your Brows


Ok, we promise we’ll get to how to draw eyebrows soon (that’s why you’re here, we know!) but brushing your brows first is a simple move that can make a big difference.

Using the spoolie end of a makeup brush - an old, clean mascara wand works nicely too - brush your brows upwards at a diagonal toward your temples.

This quick tip serves a few purposes. It helps your eye area appear more lifted and shows the natural shape of the brow and sparse spots that need to be filled in. 

Brushing also gives you a nice guide to follow when creating hairline strokes with your eyebrow pencil, making brows easier to fill in. 


Step Three: Start To Fill In Your Brows


We made it to the step you’ve been waiting for, how to use an eyebrow pencil

Go for a shade slightly lighter than your natural hair colour for a softer look; unless you’re really fair. In that case, it's best to go one to two shades darker with your eyebrows.

Slightly darker brows will frame your face and enhance your eyes more than really light eyebrows.

Starting at the inner corner of your eye, the spot you marked at the brow mapping step, begin to fill in your brows. 

Use gentle, small flicking motions in the direction your hair grows naturally to create tiny hair-like strokes. It’s easy to achieve realistic looking hair strokes with an eyebrow pencil, one of the reasons we love them!

Work your way from the inner corner out to the tail of the eyebrow. 


Step Four: Brush Out Your Brows Again 


Now you’ve applied brow pencil, brushing your brows a second time helps blend and disperse the colour. 

Blending the pigment with your brow hairs means there’s less of a contrast between your skin and hair. The result is more natural looking, less angular / theatrical looking eyebrows.


Step Five: Set Your Brows


Don’t underestimate the power of the last step in our how to use an eyebrow pencil cheatsheet - setting your brows. 

It’s the final genius step in eyebrow perfection.

Using a clear brow gel, gently sweep it along the hairs. This ensures your brow makeup stays put all day and literally takes less than 30 seconds to do! Minimal effort = big payoff. 


Products You’ll Need 


Brow Magic

Got your head around how to use an eyebrow pencil but still stressed about finding the right shade? Brow Magic is a universal brow pencil that solves all your colour uncertainties. 

Thanks to the ‘magic’ of its taupe undertone, this long-lasting pencil adapts to suit the pigment of different brow colours. This allows it to deliver a colour match to suit all - blonde, brunette, auburn, strawberry blonde, and darker-haired beauties!

Brow Love

An alternative yet equally awesome choice to pencil eyebrows is Brow Love.

This a long-wearing, oval tip brow pencil delivers soft looking brows with 5 shades to suit all hair colours. We describe Brow Love as a ‘soft brow’ pencil because it helps you create a beautiful soft looking brow with all day staying power. 

Trying to decide if Brow Love or Brow Magic is the best eyebrow pencil for you? Read The Difference Between Brow Magic and Brow Love to help you choose.  

Zebra Gel

This is the clear brow gel you need in your kit! 

Zebra Gel is perfect for setting your eyebrow pencil or, if you have naturally thick brows that don’t actually need makeup (um, lucky you!) use the gel to simply set your natural hairs. It’s a great way to pull off a polished look sans makeup. 

Feeling more confident on how to apply eyebrow pencil? We hope so! Once you’ve nailed these techniques, natural looking yet polished brows are a breeze.


Infographic_how to use an eyebrow pencil

Natural Makeup Looks | How To Do Natural Makeup

Natural makeup looks

Natural Makeup Looks | How To Do Natural Makeup


A fresh natural makeup look! Quick and easy to achieve with a barely-there but beautiful finish for every day. 




Mineral powder foundation is perfect for creating the base for a natural makeup look.

It buffs on to the skin beautifully and doesn’t take a lot of product to deliver a luminous glow with natural coverage. 

Step 1: Swirl your kabuki brush into the product pot and tap off any excess.

Step 2: Apply the powder in a swirling motion all over your face then buff to work it into the skin.

The end result is skin that appears more even and luminous without a heavy look. If you’d like a little more coverage, apply a mineral BB cream before the mineral foundation. This will help to smooth any imperfections while still achieving a natural makeup look.  


Create the look with esmi Skin Minerals Loose Mineral Foundation and esmi Skin Minerals Mineral BB Cream. 




Polishing your natural brows, but not going overboard, is about keeping your look simple and balanced. 

Step 1: Brush your clean, makeup free brow hairs through with a spoolie in an upward motion.

Step 2: Take a brow pencil and, following the direction of hair growth, fill in your brows with short, hair like strokes starting from the inner brow working outwards. Drawing individual lines gives a more natural look than shading. 

Step 3: Grab your spoolie and run it through the brows again to blend any harsh lines.

Step 4: Add powder. Lightly dip your brush into the eyebrow powder. Move the brush upward using light, feather-like strokes. 

Adding powder after pencil helps add the illusion of volume while keeping brows natural looking. Plus, it sets the pencil.

Step 5: Finish the look by swiping on clear brow gel for long-lasting hold.


Create the look with Brow Duo Powder, Brow Magic or Brow Love Soft Brow Pencil, and Zebra Clear Brow Gel.




Blushes in pinks and warm peach hues will help create an oh-so-subtle flush that livens up your skin in a natural way. Or, you could opt for a bronzer for cheeks for natural, sunkissed luminosity.

Step 1: Load your brush with your chosen blush or bronzer and tap off any excess.

Step 2: Smile to see the natural apples of your cheeks.

Step 3: Gently swirl the blush across your cheeks in a circular motion starting at the apple of your cheek and working your way out along your cheek bone.

Step 4: Build until you’re happy with the intensity 

The type of brush you use to apply blush really is the secret to pulling off a natural makeup look. You want to opt for a large, fluffy brush. The fluffier the brush, the less product it will pick up - ideal for a gentle wash of colour.


Create the look with Unicorn Candy Blush or Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer




A natural makeup look for your eyes just calls for a palette of 3 shades in neutral / natural hues, a pencil eyeliner, and mascara. 

Step 1: Take your base colour and work it all over the lid. Don’t get too heavy with the application, you want a gentle wash of colour for the most natural eye makeup. 

Step 2: Now select a deeper colour and apply the product along the bottom lash line, following the shape of the lashes. 

Step 3: With the same shade as step 2, press the colour into your upper lash line at the outer corner of the eye. Work your way so the colour intensity tapers off as you move toward the middle of the eye. Keep the colour close to the lash line, don’t take it up too high.

Step 4: Blend out any harsh lines with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

Step 5: Take your eyeliner of choice, a pencil works best for a natural look, and line the upper lash line.

Step 6: With the darkest shade of your colour trio, buff and blend it over the eyeliner, concentrating pigment in the outer corner. This will add depth to the look. 

Step 7: Finish with a few coats of mascara to open up your eyes and polish the look! 


We love White Knight Tubular Mascara 




We’re aiming for a natural looking lip that is still nicely polished. Choose a pink/neutral lip colour one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour. 

Step 1: Prep the lips with a gentle exfoliation using a toothbrush with soft bristles. 

Step 2: Using a dabbing motion, press the colour into your lips. You don’t need to be too precise with the lip line or use a lip liner for a natural makeup look. 

Step 3: You can take your natural pout a little further by adding a dab of highlighter just to the centre of your lips to create the illusion of fullness. Try it with Brow Pop, our multipurpose creamy highlighter in a soft peachy hue. 


Create natural looks with Lip Magic Balm. It magically changes colour to create your perfect shade of pink!


Infographic_Natural makeup


The Difference Between Brow Magic and Brow Love

The difference between brow magic and brow love

The Difference Between Brow Magic and Brow Love


We explain the difference between PONi’s much-loved Brow Magic and Brow Love to help you choose the best eyebrow pencil for you!



Universal coloured brow pencil with glide-on application to speedily shape and fill in brows.


Brow Magic is the best eyebrow pencil for a universal colour application. 

Thanks to the ‘magic’ of its taupe undertone, this long-lasting pencil adapts to suit the pigment of different brow colours. This allows it to deliver a colour match to suit all - blonde, brunette, auburn, strawberry blonde, and darker-haired beauties!

If you have darker brows, it’s easy to deepen colour intensity by using more pressure as you apply the pencil and build the application. 

Brow Magic is great for a more natural, every day look rather than super defined Insta brows. It’s the ideal go-to for your daily brow - quickly fill in sparse patches and shape your arches.


A firm 1.5mm tip makes it simple to create realistic looking hair strokes. It has a wind-up mechanism so no sharpening required! The spoolie brush on the other end makes it easy to brush Brow Magic through your brows to add volume and finish the look. 


The waxy texture of Brow Magic means it glides on smoothly making it easy to pencil your eyebrows.

Extra special benefits

Brow Magic contains biotin; a water-soluble vitamin which helps promote natural growth and improve the condition of your brows...naturally!  



Long-wearing, oval tip brow pencil for soft looking brows with 5 shades to suit all hair colours.


Take your pick of 5 very lovable colour options to really get your perfect colour match. 

Little Palomino: Light blondes

Palomino: Light brown and dark blonde

Chestnut: Brunettes and auburn hues

Thoroughbred: Dark brunettes

Black Beauty: A graphite colour for super dark-browed beauties


A unique 1.5 x 2.5 mm oval tip allows you to create realistic hair-like strokes when you use it upright or apply the pencil side on for a soft shaded brow look. The spoolie brush on the other end makes it easy to brush Brow Love through your brows to add volume and finish the look.


Brow Love has a firmer consistency than Brow Magic for an extra long-wearing application. Described as a ‘soft brow’ pencil, it’s the best eyebrow pencil to create a softer looking brow as opposed to a creme or powder which deliver a more intense look.



In general, eyebrow pencils are ideal for:

Filling in sparse patches and tails

Natural-looking brows

Quick, no fuss application

Beginners - easy to control

Teaming with powder


Grab our tips for how to draw eyebrows the right way right here. 

When it comes to choosing between Brow Magic and Brow Love, we’d say Brow Love is amazing if you love to experiment with a shaded brow and want a super precise colour match with a higher pigment. It’s a great choice if you have really naturally dark brows.

Brow Magic is perfect for everyday brow definition and mimicking natural hair strokes - ideal if you love an easy waxy texture application. If you’re trying to grow and thicken your eyebrows naturally, the inclusion of biotin in the Brow Magic formulation is a big plus!

Both Brow Magic and Brow Love are long-lasting, with Brow Love’s firmer consistency offering extra long-wearing action.


Infographic - difference between brow magic and brow love


5 FAQS About Eyebrow Growth Serum

5 faqs about eyebrow growth serum

5 FAQS About Eyebrow Growth Serum


Your burning questions about eyebrow growth serum answered! From how it actually works to possible side effects, here’s what you need to know.


How does eyebrow growth serum work?


The best eyebrow growth serums contain good-for-brows ingredients to keep them strong against external aggressors to limit the number of breakages. 

Effective ingredients to help your natural brows become their most lush selves include -

Peptides: To promote healthy hair follicles to stimulate thicker, longer eyebrow hairs. 

Biotin: One of the most important ingredients in eyebrow growth serums, biotin is a water soluble vitamin that plays a huge role in the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Quality eyebrow growth serums will contain biotin. 

Vitamins: In addition to biotin, serums will also contain other vitamins to promote hair growth. 

Vitamin A, in particular, supports hair growth and will have a positive effect on the length and thickness of the eyebrows. 

Plant oils: To condition and slow the fall out of existing eyebrow hair.

Amino acids: These are actually the building blocks of protein which is what hair is made of!


Will eyelash growth serum work on eyebrows?


This depends entirely on the product you choose. 

Some serums, like PONi’s Eyelash Growth Serum, work beautifully on both eyelashes and eyebrows. 

Don’t assume this to be the case with every eyelash serum. Always, ALWAYS, read the directions for application as the ingredients in some formulations won’t play nice with both brows and lashes.

Which brings us to the next FAQ about eyebrow growth serum.


Are there side effects?


The sensitive areas of skin around your eyes and brows can easily become reactive to products and ingredients. 

It’s super important to research the ingredients your serum contains to know exactly what you are putting on your skin.


Side effects like redness, itchy eyes, eyelid discolouration, and eyelid drooping have been most commonly associated with eyebrow growth serum products that contain an ingredient called prostaglandin. Isopropyl cloprostenate is another ingredient to avoid - found in many synthetic formulations, it’s a known irritant. 


We say - why risk it!? Choose a safe, natural formulation free from the potential irritant chemical ingredients you’ll find in synthetic serums.


Serums made in Australia in TGA approved labs cannot contain any harmful ingredients - they’re generally much safer to use. 


Whether you choose a natural or synthetic serum, please always do a patch test first.


How long will it take to see results?


Most eyebrow growth serums take anywhere between 3 - 6 weeks to see results but the brow payoff for a quality serum is totally worth the wait.

You need to be consistent with the application so stick to exactly how often you’re instructed to apply it. 


What is the best eyebrow growth serum?


We’re just gonna come right out and say it - PONi’s Lash & Brow Growth Serum.

Australian made in a TGA approved lab, it’s a safe, cruelty-free, vegan formulation free of harmful ingredients and packed with natural brow boosting ingredients. 

The best part? You’ll get double the results! It boosts natural growth for thicker, darker, longer lashes and brows. We love a good multi-tasker.

PONi’s Lash & Brow Growth Serum is super easy to apply to brows. Remove brush application and carefully wipe away excess serum on the inside of the tube. 

Using feathered brushstrokes apply to sparse, patchy brow areas. Repeat on the other brow, redipping for more brow serum if needed. Allow 2-3 minutes to dry and repeat daily.

Want extra tips on what helps eyebrows grow? Check out our brow booster guide. 


If you’ve got more questions about eyebrow growth serum we’re here for a personal Q+A! Reach us on or send us a DM


eyebrow growth serum