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5 Everyday Makeup Essentials

5 everyday makeup essentials

5 Everyday Makeup Essentials


We get back to basics with this everyday makeup line up. For a streamlined kit with *everything* you need for a gorgeous, fuss-free look, these are the ultimate 5 must-have products.




Mascara is the #1 pick on our can’t-live-without list. 

You look bright eyed and fresh faced instantly with this everyday makeup essential. 

Whether you want a touch of colour or serious volume and inky dark lashes (we pick the latter!) mascara is the ultimate everyday eye definer.

If you were to have just one colour mascara in your kit, we say make it black. 

The brush matters too. Big brushes add volume, and those with a curve help lift and fan out your lashes. 

Waterproof mascara is your best pick for a look that stays put but choose a tubular mascara - water-resistant ‘tubes’ close around each individual lash.

These tubes are superior to traditional waterproof mascara as they slide off easily when you cleanse your face. No tugging or pulling at the delicate skin around your eye area or using harsh makeup removers. 

We love: White Knight Tubular Mascara. Water resistant tubes build length and clump-free volume with a dual functioning brush. Plus, it’s enriched  ingredients to encourage natural lash growth!


Brow pencil


Is there anything more essential than the perfect brow? We think not. 

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing brow products (*swoon*) but if you want to rock a minimalist makeup kit, stick with a brow pencil. 

Feathery, natural looking brows are so quick and easy to create with the right pencil. 

Here’s exactly how to create the right brow for your face shape.

Choose one shade lighter than your hair for a softer look; unless you’re really fair. In that case, go a little deeper with the shade as slightly darker brows will frame your face and enhance your eyes more than a really light tone.

Remember, the idea isn’t to draw your brows on, use the brow pencil to fill in gaps and bare spots. 

We love: Brow Magic is a universal brow pencil that solves all your colour uncertainties - one colour suits all. 




Are you maximising your bronzer’s best multitasking abilities? 

A great bronzer will allow you to add just a shimmer of warmth, a subtle contour or an all out just- came-from-the-beach glow. With this kind of power, it’s one of the non-negotiable everyday makeup essentials.

Bronzer should be applied with a large fluffy brush

Swirl the brush in the bronzer, tap the brush to remove excess product (very important!), then start with your cheeks. 

Starting at the outer part of your cheek,  sweep the brush up and down working your way in. Repeat on the other side. Then finish with your forehead, chin, and neck. 

Keep building colour until you’ve achieved your perfect level of glow. 

We love: Unicorn Chocolate Bronzer for all the silky bronzing powder goodness.


The perfect pinky-nude lip colour


The lip shade we all need in our lives. 

From skin tones that range from fair skin to olive skin and dark skin the right pinky-nude shade is out there for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect match for you. 

Why is pinky-nude so good for an everyday makeup look? The right shade will have your smile and skin looking really bright and fresh. 

If you have lighter skin tones, aim for a colour about the same as your natural lip. Too light and you’ll risk your lips disappearing.

Medium skin tones can pull off a pink shade lighter than their natural lip colour while deeper berry shades work beautifully for dark skin tones.

Pro tip - Very gently exfoliate your lips before applying your lip shade. This will remove any dry old skin and increase blood circulation to your lips for a natural flush of colour. 

We love: Lip Magic Balm. It’s pink pout perfection! Suits all lips as the colour adjusts depending on your skin’s own pH levels. A super nourishing lip balm ideal for an easy but polished everyday look.


Foundation and / or BB cream


A glowing, sheer base is definitely an everyday makeup essential. 

Create a fresh, radiant look with sheer foundation or BB cream for a breezy ‘no-make-up make-up’ look.

What’s the difference? While foundation is designed to give coverage and smooth skin tone, BB cream is truly a base multitasker. 

“BB” is short for beauty balms or blemish balms. They are tinted cream products that play the role of sheer foundation, sunscreen, moisturiser, all in one tube.

On your great skin days (we wish you many) BB cream is enough to do the job for lighter coverage. 

Foundation is the way to go when you feel like there’s more you need to cover up - ciao blemishes!

We love: esmi Skin Minerals vegan Liquid Mineral Foundation and Mineral BB cream. 


What’s your can’t-live-without PONi product? Let us know!


5 everyday makeup essentials

5 Beautiful Makeup Looks You Have To Try

5 beautiful makeup looks you have to try

5 Beautiful Makeup Looks You Have To Try


Been relying on the same old makeup game for years? Break out of your rut with 5 easy-to-follow makeup looks and trends to experiment with at home.


Flirty, flushed cheeks

The flushed cheek is a little bolder than the ‘I’m barely blushing’ look. One of the best makeup looks to glow up a tired complexion with a pop of colour.

STEP #1 - Choose your shade of blush

If your skin has warm or olive undertones, berry and brick shades are a good pick. For cool or pink undertones, go for peach shades, baby pink, or a lighter plum. 

We love PONi Unicorn Candy Blush because it flatters all skin tones and types thanks to a palette that blends from a subtle peach glow to a cotton candy pink. 

STEP #2 - Apply and blend

Using a tapered blush brush, start by applying blush to the apples of your cheeks. Find the ideal spot by smiling and then sweep blush on the roundest parts of your cheeks, working upwards.

Blending is key. By blending upwards you lift and soften the colour for a more natural look without harsh lines. You want an intense-looking colour but not clownish makeup disasters

STEP #3 - Finish with a touch of highlighter

To complete your flushed cheek look and create more definition, blend a little highlighter along your cheekbones. You can’t go wrong with PONi Champagne Highlighter


The black, smokey eye


Out for a night of dancing, drinks, and a little mischief? One of the classic makeup looks, the sultry smokey eye is SO perfect. 

STEP #1: Get your shadow on Start with eye shadow for the perfect smoky base effect

No matter your palette choice - be it classic greys and blacks or sultry bronzes - the method for nailing the perfect smoky eye is the same. 

Choose 3 shades from your palette and apply the lightest shade to the inner corners of your eyes. 

Follow this by choosing a deeper shade for the centre of your lids. Finally, choose the darkest shade of the palette and apply to the outer corner of the eye and deepen your crease by applying it to the outer ‘V’ of your lid.

STEP #2: Grab your eyeliner

Apply a dark liner - be it grey, black, deep blue - to the upper lash line. For maximum impact, choose a liquid eyeliner. PONi Pegasus Liquid Eyeliner is effortless to apply and waterproof for a locked-in-place look. 

STEP #3: Add lashings of mascara

What’s a smokey eye without dramatic lashes? Sweep on a few coats of PONi White Knight Mascara for the ultimate volume and length.


Glossy eyeshadow 


The dewy trend of glossy eye shadow is one of the makeup looks showing no sign of slowing down. It’s high impact and takes a little know-how to master but oh so worth it!

STEP #1 - Prime your lids

A primer will help you create a smooth canvas to make the rest of your eye makeup application a breeze. Don’t have a primer? Use a little concealer instead.

STEP #2 -  Choose Your base

Any eyeshadow formula can work as a base. A cream iridescent shadow that has a shimmer finish or, if you prefer powder, go for a metallic shade. 

Keep in mind that the colour can look more intense once you’ve topped it with the gloss. 

STEP #3 - Get Your Gloss On

There are eye glosses out there designed especially for this look but you can get away with using a clear tube of lip gloss too. Just check it’s safe to use on your eyes. 

Grab a clean, dense eyeshadow brush and dab it into the gloss. Then carefully apply the gloss over your eye shadow. A little goes a long way so go easy on the application - you don’t want it to end in a sticky mess.

Finish your glossy eyeshadow look with a few coats of mascara. 



Slim, minimal brows


Ok, ok. We’re not talking about intentionally going for the over plucked, barely-there brows of the 90s. 

This is one of the makeup looks about working with what you’ve got. If your natural brows are lighter or on the thinner side, you don’t have to go all out creating thick, super styled brows. 

Polishing your natural brows, but not going overboard, is about keeping your look simple and balanced. Love a low maintenance look? This is for you.

 Step #1 - Fill in your natural arch with a pencil

We LOVE brow pencils for creating a natural look, quickly and easily. Starting at the bottom of a clean brow, use short, soft strokes that mimic the natural hair to fill in any gaps. 

Focus on the sparse areas but don’t get heavy handed or try and fill in too far outside of your natural brow.

Try PONi Brow Magic, it’s super easy to use and the universal shade suits everyone.

Step #2 - Add a little volume with powder

Eyebrow powder and pencil are a winning combination for easy, minimal brows. 

The addition of powder after pencil helps add the illusion of volume while keeping brows natural looking. Plus, it sets the pencil.

Lightly dip the brush into the eyebrow powder. Move the brush upward using light, feather-like strokes. Finish the look by swiping on clear brow gel for long-lasting hold.

We love PONi Brow Duo Powder and PONI Zebra Clear Brow Gel.


The blurred lip


Stuck for new makeup ideas? Meet the blurred lip. The bold lip’s cousin but a little more wearable. You still get a punch of colour without the high maintenance. 

Step #1 - Choose your hue and apply lipstick

Like the bold lip, choose lipstick in a bright or deep hue. Apply your shade of choice to the centre of your upper and lower lip, focusing most intensity in the centre. 

Step #2 - Blur those lines

The idea of this look is that it isn’t too perfect. Use a lip brush and gently smudge the lipstick along the edge of your lips. The goal is to keep the intensity of colour in the centre while creating a blurred effect along the outline.

We wanna know how your experiments with these makeup looks plays out! Tag us @ponicosmetics   




What Brushes To Use For Different Makeup

What brushes to use for different makeup

What Brushes To Use For Different Makeup


The right makeup brushes make a HUGE difference. Figuring out which one to use and how to use it, though? No easy feat! We've decoded different types of makeup brushes, how to use them, and recommended some of our favourite cruelty free brushes for your kit.


Foundation Brush


Some foundation brushes are rounded or dome-shaped while others look more like a paintbrush - dense and flat. 

Brushes with firmly packed, duo-fibre bristles make it easy to buff liquid and cream foundations into your skin for a streak-free finish.

Here's how to use it

Dab a few drops of foundation over your forehead, cheeks, and chin with your finger.

Use the brush, buff the foundation onto your face in circular motions starting in the centre of your face, working outward.

Focus the circular buffing motion in the areas you’d like the most coverage. 

We recommend esmi Skin Minerals cruelty free brushes for liquid foundation. 


Stippling Brush


A stippling brush is a brilliant all-rounder and one you definitely want in your makeup kit. 

Stippling means to work makeup into the skin with small dots of product - this is how you get that airbrushed look. 

The bristles of a stippling brush are very thick at the bottom but thin out at the top which gives you great control for sheer to heavy coverage. Use it to apply foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, and highlighter. 

Here's how to use it

Dab a little of the product onto the back of your hand and dip the stippling brush in. Lightly pat the product into the areas you're focusing on - be it your whole face or only cheeks, etc. 

Then gently swirl the brush in small circles so that only the finer bristles are moving to blend and press the product in. 


Concealer Brush


A concealer brush is basically the mini-me version of a foundation brush. 

It’s your tool of choice to neutralise any blemishes on the skin or cover dark circles under the eyes with precision. Concealer brushes with tight and compact bristles give you the most control when applying products. Use them to apply cream eye shadow, too.

Here's how to use it

Apply concealer to the area then grab your brush and use a dabbing movement to blend the product out. Aim for light tapping motions rather than strokes.


Powder Brush

The right powder brush = a pixel perfect finish. 

With soft, fluffy bristles, a powder brush is designed to sweep powder evenly across your face - without getting cakey. Use it with loose powder, pressed powder, or mineral powder foundation.

Here's how to use it

Swirl the brush in the top of your powder compact and tap off any extra product. Dust it over your T-zone and under your eyes, working outwards.

We recommend esmi Skin Minerals’ cruelty free brushes for powder application.


Blush and Bronzer Brush

Dome-shaped with long, super-soft bristles, blush and bronzer brushes are similar to powder brushes but smaller. 

These brushes let you make a more concentrated application and some have a slight angle for real precision. 

The fluffier the brush, the less product it will pick up. Perfect for a gentle wash of colour.

You could get yourself a separate brush for both blush and bronzer, but you really don’t need to. One good brush will have you covered for both. 

Here's how to use it

Applying bronzer? Loosely sweep the brush from across your forehead, then your cheekbones, and lastly down to your jawline. 

For blush, swirl the product on the apples of your cheeks lightly and blend it up into your cheekbones.

We recommend Crown Brush’s selection of cruelty free brushes for bronzer and blush application.


Contour Brush

Want gorgeously prominent cheekbones and a sculpted jawline? Get yourself a contour brush. 

Some contour brushes have dense, curved bristles to hug your cheekbones while others are cut on a slant.  Brushes with a sharper cut and more dense bristles deliver a more sculpted look while a softer shape gives a gentler look. 

Team with either cream or powder products.

Here's how to use it

Swirl the brush into your contour powder and tap off excess. Gentle swirl the brush back and forth along the area below your cheekbone - following the natural contour. 

Load the brush with more powder and gently glide along your jawline for an even more defined look. 

We recommend Crown Brush’s selection of cruelty free brushes for contouring.


Fan Brush 

Fan brushes are shaped just like their name. Their long, soft bristles are ideal for dusting on blush, highlighter, contour powder, bronzer, or loose powder.

Here's how to use it

Take your fan brush and hold it flat against your highlighter. Gently push down to coat the sides and tips of the bristles. The idea is to use the side of the brush head, not just the tip of the bristles during application.

Sweep powder onto the facial features you want to highlight including cheekbones, nose, brow arch, and cupid’s bow. 


Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Small, dense eyeshadow blending brushes are great to team with a powder, but they do an especially amazing job blending out cream products. 

You can use it to quickly blend shadow across the lid, define your crease, darken your outer corners, and emphasise your base shadow.

Here's how to use it

Dip your blending brush into the base colour and apply across your entire eyelid. Then, pick up a little of your mid-tone colour on the brush. 

Working in small backwards and forwards motions, apply the mid-tone to the outer area of the eye. 

Now, blend the mid-tone colour inwards with small swirling motions just above the crease. Finish by sweeping the colour from the inner to outer eye in longer motions to ensure both shades are beautifully blended. 

Don’t miss more tips for applying eyeshadow perfectly right here.


Brow Brush

A small, angled, densely packed brow brush is perfect for creating realistic hairline strokes, detailing, and outlining gorgeous arches. 

Brow brushes allow you to apply both powder and cream-based products to the brow with precision. 

Here's how to use it

First, use the clean brush to brush eyebrows upwards. Then dip the brush into your favourite brow product - load both sides. 

With small, hairlike strokes move along the natural direction of the brow and work from the inner area to the brow tail. 

Using a cream-based product? Gently run a clean spoolie through the brow when you’re finished for a more natural effect.

PONi’s cruelty free Pro Brow Brush is the brow tool you can’t live without!


Angled Eyeliner brush

Our tip for flawless eyes? Embrace the angled eyeliner brush! 

With densely packed bristles, an eyeliner brush is super easy to hold and helps you apply eyeshadow in a thin, precise straight line on the upper and lower lash lines.

Team with cream, gel or powder eye makeup products.

Here’s how to use it

For an easy daytime look coat both sides of an angled eyeliner brush in your product of choice. 

Mark the centre of your upper lash line then starting from the inner eye, use a long, precise stroke to draw the eyeliner to the centre point. Then, finish by taking the line to the outer corner. 


Lip Brush


Small and flat, you use a lip brush to apply lipstick, lip stain, or gloss. You can use a lip brush to outline your lips instead of a lip liner or to seamlessly blend your liner and lipstick. 

Ideal if you’re applying several different shades or formulas. 

Here’s how to use it

Load both sides of the brush with your lip product. 

With the brush flat, follow the natural edge of your lip line - paying close attention to the shape of the cupid’s bow. Then reload the brush if needed and fill in your entire lip. 

We recommend Crown Brush selection of cruelty free brushes for lips.