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  1. Brow Duo Powder


    A silky smooth, highly pigmented that glides on effortlessly. Made from the highest quality minerals ensuring easy application.

    Control intensity with this duo powder from a more natural looking gradient brow or a dark bolder brow.

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  2. Mane Stain Brow Creme

    Mane Stain is a soft water-proof brow creme that will give your brows a natural tint of colour, giving them a fuller appearance in seconds.

    It's sure to become your every day essential if you want natural looking brows that will last and last. Build the colour intensity by re-applying over the same area after the first layer has set. Covers skin and scars too! You might also like to try the Pro Brow Brush for precise Mane Stain application and Brow POP! to sculpt and highlight.

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  3. Brow Magic

    Award Winning and Best Selling Brow Pencil!

    Create natural looking brows quickly and easily. Brow Magic will always appear natural and is perfect for the absolute beginner through to the expert.

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  4. Brow Pop! 3 in 1 Brow Highlighter

    Your Brows they'll be a poppin!

    Brow POP has been making brows pop since 2016! This creamy 3 in 1 brow highlighter and concealer is perfect for every skin type. Applying this product around your brows is guaranteed to make those brows POP and you'll be the envy of every girl in the room! It can also be used as a concealer under the eye, to hide blemishes or it can make a fantastic eyeshadow base!

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  5. Brow Love


    Introducing Brow Love, a soft brow Pencil.

    This retractable brow pencil delivers a natural, super quick pop of volume and colour to create perfect brows. Brow Love features a unique love heart tip on one end and spoolie brush at the other, perfect for soft lines and a fluffy brow finish! You'll never be too busy to do your brows again with Brow Love ensuring an easy and instant application.

    Choose from 5 lovable colours

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  6. Zebra Clear Brow Gel

    Zebra is a clear brow gel that is water resistant and will hold your brows in place all day! It has a small triangle shaped spoolie to allow the perfect amount of product on the brows. (No one else has a spoolie like this one.)

    Zebra creates natural shine, has strong hold but soft looking hold on the brow hairs. It can be used on its own or used over PONI Brow Powder, PONi Mane Stain and our beloved PONi Brow Magic.

    Perfect to use even if you have tattooed brows because it shapes and holds the hairs nicely and if foundation was applied it creates a shine when the brow would otherwise look a little dull.

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  7. Pro Brow Brush

    Have you met everyone's favourite brow brush? This dual-layered high-quality vegan brow brush will help you achieve perfect brows daily. Learn More
  8. Sharpener

    The PONI Sharpener is now available. This fantastic little beauty has two ends, one to sharpen your BROW POP! and the other to sharpen your eyeliners and lip liners. It also collects all your shavings so your bathroom doesn't get messy. Learn More

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